Event show for private events and unusual parties.

Make an unforgettable gift to a beloved person and present two soap bubble artists of the world class to that person!

A show for a jubilees is a great idea, a jubilee show with brilliant show artists is an unique opportunity!

You will want to perpetuate this experience on a photo !

We have dozens most manifold Bubble tricks, however, for the show of your event or your celebration we perform only our favorites.

We put a lot of care into the equipment of our performance. Our original costumes and the precise direction underline the imaginative kind of our soap bubble show. In addition, we use a lather solution which we have developed perfected in many years' work specially for our soap bubble acts and.

Embarrassing faux pas are excluded from your event.

Trust the experience of qualified artists who put their whole heart into their work!

You' ll believe only when you have experienced our professional soap bubble artists Iryna and Alexander live.

Invite the dynamic artist's duet to your celebration or event and immerge into a world full of fantastic illusions.

Be astonished by the tricks which you will see for the first time in your life.

Feel like a child again who explores its world for the first time!

Our captivating soap bubble show is the perfect idea for birthdays, jubilees, family celebrations, which leaves only warm feelings and sunny recollections.

The official world record 2009 - „Longest Rainbow-Shaped Soap Bubble of the world“

Convince yourself and watch how Iryna & Alex create soap bubbles with a diameter from up to 150 cm right before your eyes!

The next moment you'll see our event artists will make a magnificent soap bubble rainbows of many metres! Then before eager audience our artistes will present the most beautiful soap bubble of the world.

In this Iryna and Alexander hold because the official world record!