Bubbles show as a wedding present

A romantic fairy tale for a fairy tale wedding!

All lovers want their special day to expresses the feeling which they have for each other. This day should become precious and reminiscent-worthy. Best of all this will succeed if you give a pleasure to yourselves and your guests with an original inspiration. However, you can also give this unique experience to the bride and groom and honour their day sincerely in this pretty way.

Our professional wedding artists and world champion artists- team for our wedding.

If you wish so, the exclusive "Wedding Bubbles"- Show is the perfect choice for you!

The wedding pair in a Mega Bubble

The wedding pair will be wrapped up by a tender and gleaming fairy tale dream. Since it is a part of the Wedding Bubble-show insert: Bride and bridegroom be surrounded by a gigantic soap bubble, the MegaBubble.
Imagine what a nice theme for a photo the gigantic soap bubble with the wedding pair in it would be.

A kiss of the wedding pair in a shining cover of a MegaBubble is maybe the most graceful and most romantic picture of all!

Great idea for unusual wedding pictures

Particularly, on a video you could admire over and over again how nicely the whole trick was exported.
Imagine, there could be so many successful pictures with the wedding pair, with friends and family due to the unique soap bubble show!

That's why is the MegaBubble-show insert is also an absolute highlight which bride and groom can experience during the Wedding Bubbles show.

A soap bubble show is not only an original idea, as a wedding show it is also new and absolutely unusual.
Such a show will become a long-lasting topic of conversation of your guests, promised!

Unique performance for your special day

Our soap bubble show is an original genre, developed specially for weddings by our professional artists.
Our soap bubbles and world champion's team Iryna & Alexander put always put their heart into their perfomance
when they bring their audience to the amazement.

They deliver over and over again an unbelievable play of light, great choreography and inimitable tricks.
During the Wedding Bubble show the wedding artists Iryna & Alexander will do the most marvellous things with the tender lather.

They'll create small soap bubbles in a bigger soap bubble, they stack charming soap bubbles on objects,
chain small bubbles with each other and let smoke flow into a big soap bubble.
Our artists will let the most plain bubbles shine fantastically in all paints of the rainbow.

Absolutely unforgettably

The dance of the bride with the bridegroom will organised by our high-carat artists for weddings
and will improved in appearance with a dreamy rain of the soap bubbles.

There is also the possibility to take a photo of the parents
and of the guests in the Mega Wedding Bubble after the show. We can to four persons at the same time in to the saponaceous dream.

Of course our presentation will be accompanied with a breathtaking and very expressive melodies.
This unique combination makes this unusual wedding present absolutely unforgettably!