Unique showpiece for New Year & Christmas parties!

A fantastic Christmas show for your Christmas celebration - a beautiful winter dreaming.

In the time before Christmas our hearts long for magic and fantastic mood. Why don’t you follow this inspiring caprice and experience our dreamlike show for Christmas? Words can hardly describe neither our presentation nor the mood of our show. So let our professional soap bubble artists simply perform and you’ll understand!

You won’t regret this absolutely correct decision, but you will congratulate yourself for that excellent choice. The skilful and harmonious combination of demanding tricks with soap bubbles combined with emotional presentation, enchanting dancing and consistent music is heart touching .

The original - soap bubble rain the show in the miracle world of the soap bubbles!®

It is the unusual and rainbow-coloured show "soap bubble rain", in which the most astonishing things will happen to feathery soap bubbles. The enchanting illusions appearing before your eyes and venishing again will touch every guest's heart at your celebration. An unbelievable change of forms and tender colours will mesmerize you completely.

Miraculous soap bubbles will fill your Xmas Celebration with an atmosphere of carefree and feathery joy.

Voluminous soap bubbles will put more shine and colour into your special party!

Specific dilutons will keep the bubbles longer in the air, so you can enjoy the soap dreams even more.

We don’t want to make a secret out of the fact that our team loves the original version, because we put our whole skills and our full passion into the development of this show.

Book the ORIGINAL! The best bubble show insert on your Christmas or new years eve party!

Technical infos to the show

  • Idea: I.Bilenka (Chaplin)
  • Direction, choreography and organisation of the tricks: I.Bilenka (Chaplin) and A. Sakhno
  • Duration of the show: original version: 23 min, short Version: 15 min, extended version: 30 min
    (A show lasts 15 minutes minimum. Less than 15 min. make of it a vaudeville theatre Act lasting for more than 10 min)
  • Costumes: I.Kister, V. Musitschenko
  • Music (prepared specially for this show with the use of some music fragments of Yann Tiersen). Music bearer: MD,CD

When required we can use our own music accessories and light technology
A part of the space in which our show takes place is claimed by our decoration