Sand Painting show for a special celebration

Finding an extravagant jubilee gift is certainly no easy task.

Our individual sand shows offer you an excellent opportunity to amaze the birthday people and the guests. A sand art show leaves an unforgettable impression and gives your celebration a special flair. Our sand painting performances are always tailor-made and perfectly adapted to your wishes and premises.  
For many years we have been approached by organisers of corporate or private anniversaries to make the sand show the highlight of the voucher. The sand painting show is perfect for birthday parties as sand painting has lyricism as well as romance and joy. When preparing the sand painting programme, we try to reflect in the script for the sand show all the memorable and touching moments that have happened to the hero of the day during his life. We really want these moments to remain in the heart of each guest for a long time.

So how do you make up and develop a programme for a sand painting show for an anniversary?

To begin with, we need complete information about their childhood, the school they attended. It is desirable that pictures of the school building are provided to us. This picture can be included in the programme of the sand show and fill the celebrant with pleasant memories of his childhood. At this point we would also like to remember the year when the graduates went to the first class for the first time. We are sure that this moment was incredibly touching and emotional for almost all of them. Furthermore, information about education and of course the encounter with love is useful. Family, work, children and grandchildren - everything you find interesting and relevant can be found in the sand story of the anniversary. When creating these programmes, we always listen carefully to the opinions and wishes of our customers. Travelling, hobbies, anything that is close to your heart or that you like to remember. If you have your own wishes regarding the choice of music for the sand programme, we will be happy to implement them for you!

The sand painting show adds a highlight to the overall programme at private and corporate events. There is no indifferent onlooker. Order this artistic performance as a gift for anniversaries, birthday boy or girl, weddings and wedding anniversaries. Such a gift will not ever be forgotten!

What is included in our services?

Developing a sand animation plot based on your story and creating the story itself.

Selecting and mixing the music for the show. If you wish, we can integrate your favourite music into the story so that the story gets even closer to you.

Delivery and installation of all necessary equipment on site.

Sand artists with boundless imagination and great creative experience in this unusual and amazing genre work for you. With a slight movement of the hand, we switch from one sand image to another, involving you in the action and taking you into a special world, and the celebrant seems to have lived through a whole life watching exclusive images of sand appear out of thin air in real time.

We are the authors, creators and direct implementers of the programmes. By turning to us, you save yourself the search and comparison of different contractors.

Is it possible to record the sand painting on video?

Yes, of course! In addition, creating exclusive sand video is just as popular as live performances. The beauty of recording is that this way the sand animation can be watched anytime, anywhere! Give it as a gift to friends in another city or order it for yourself.

Is it possible to video the sand animation during the performance?

Yes, but the conditions during the show are not always ideal: a guest can walk past the stage and shake the table, the lighting can change. It is better if the sand painting artist records the sand video already after the performance. In the studio, in a relaxed atmosphere, he puts on music and adds credits if desired. This is a separate service, not connected to our live performances.

With sand painting, a personal story is told for the celebrant in a modern and at the same time elegant way. Names, congratulations and individual show elements are integrated by us into the presentation.

We guarantee you a world-class sand show, which will be excellently received by any audience and will be remembered! Ask without obligation, - after an initial discussion you will receive a personal offer.