Excellent sand painting show for your business event

Sand Painting is a new art and an impressive performance for Event. The professional sand drawing artists Iryna Chaplin & Alexander offer one of the most inventive show acts worldwide. It is a perfect show for your business event!

The name of your company, your slogan, your own personal messages and of course the logo of your company will drawn skillfully into the fine sand and appear on the screen visibly to the environment.

We also can create a very personal and unique story for the motifs you have chosen. A fantastic spectacle and personal messages guarantee a matchless visual feast and the best advertising company for you.

Our show is run by professional sand artists with years of experience and they deserve the full confidence of our customers ! Professional performers Irina & Alexander are eager to offer a pleasant and stress-free show to their clients.

We provide a complete service that won't cause any circumstances to you!

We guarantee you entertainment pur and much more und I am looking forward to our future cooperation.