A wordless charming comedy from the times of Charlie Chaplin

This solo show is devoted to the great comical actor and dancer Charlie Chaplin. The entertaining mix of tap dance, juggling and comic makes it suitable for varies occasions. Original music and costumes generate an unique atmosphere connecting the spectators with the wonderful epoch of silent film.

UNIQUE in «Chaplins Smile»

  • Blind juggling. OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD 2007
  • Tap-dance and Juggling with five clubs simultaneously!

Tap-dance in «Chaplins Smile»

The step dance is very affectionately, tenderly, sincerely and at the same time rhythmically and temperful. In this part the public will be surprised with a singular trick: Step dance and junggling with five clubs at the same time. In this moment one hears only the clatter of the step shoes and an applauding of the clubs in the hands of Iryna Chaplin.

Variete-Theatre«Chaplin's Smile»

The program «Chaplin's Smile» can be arranged for both children and family audiences in the afternoon as well as for the audience at an evening performance.

Duration of the show: 90 minutes (Divided into two parts, 45 minutes each part).

In our program we combine pantomime, tap dancing, magic, juggling, a soap bubble show, arts and comedy into an overall experience for the audience.

Our show will focus on Charlie Chaplin, the greatest film comedian of all time, who takes the viewers on a journey into the era of silent movies. He opens the door to a world of wonders, fantasy and seemingly unfulfillable dreams.

In the show, very rarely shown performances of arts can be seen. For example: The art of blind juggling (juggling blindfolded). Show artist Iryna Chaplin is the official world record holder (Official Juggling World Records Book, 2007).

The audience will also experience a soap bubble show in the program, which has not been shown yet in this way in Germany. In the production, all parts are dramaturgically sensitively connected - a tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

«Chaplins Smile» is an attractive idea for cultural programs and events

Charlie Chaplin has a large amount of fans and admirers, especially these days, so that the necessary advertising effectiveness for the amount of visitors is given.
In addition, you have the possibility to book not the complete program, but individual parts. All parts of the program are designed in such a way that each part has both a logical beginning and an end for the viewer.

The costs are favorable. We always try to adjust the costs to an available budget. Financially very favorable is e.g. the presentation of an afternoon and evening presentation on the same day.
Just ask us! We are always at your disposal.

Through the sensitively staged interplay and the intertwining of different actors such as variety genres (comedy, pantomime, tap dancing, magic, juggling, soap bubble show, acrobatics elements and balancing), the viewers can see the importance of mutual respect and human love.

An advertisement for understanding and a better life.