For an unforgettable wedding celebration

A sand painting show can be the highlight of any wedding. Millions of grains of sand will go into the story of the newlyweds' bride and groom, artistic images will reflect the moments that united their hearts. The festive evening will be remembered for years to come.

Sand painting for weddings is the most beautiful way to tell a love story, because sand animation can not only entertain your guests, but also make them understand your love story in perhaps the most touching and romantic way.

A sand show is an excellent way to tell a romantic love story at a wedding to fascinate your guests. During the sand painting show, dreamlike images are created and alternate with the melodious sound of a touching melody. Your personal story is presented in an original way!

Tell your love story

A wedding show. With the help of sand, the artist will show the romantic story of two loving hearts: the moment of acquaintance and first dates, joint travels and touching memories, marriage proposal. The sand show will be a real highlight of your wedding and will be remembered by you and your guests for a long time!

Amaze your guests

Everyone is used to traditional wedding entertainment: musicians, performers, competitions... The sand show, despite more than a decade of history, remains a fresh and original solution.

Give the gift of emotion

The tears of the bride, the parents and, indeed, of all concerned guests are not uncommon companions to a good story set in the sand. A well-crafted script, well-directed and well-matched music combine to evoke the strongest emotions and turn the show into one of the most memorable moments of the wedding.

Opt for an unforgettable show on your very special day! We guarantee you an experience in a class of its own. The sand show invites the audience to sit back and relax, completely immerse themselves in the images of sand art before their eyes and surrender to their own sensations.

Whether as a gift for the bride and groom or an original performance for your wedding party, our sand show will enrich your celebration and leave an unforgettable impression!

What could be an original wedding gift? A Sand painting show is a great and unusual idea for a wedding. It can be a gift for guests as well as for the bride and groom. Sand painting as a very romantic and beautiful and personalised wedding gift from parents or friends of the bride and groom.

What is included in our services?

Developing a sand animation plot based on your story and creating the story itself.

Selecting and mixing the music for the show. If you wish, we can integrate your favourite music into the story so that the story gets even closer to you.

Delivery and installation of all necessary equipment on site.

Sand Painting Live Performance at Wedding Party

The closer the sand painting artist and the bride and groom are, the more important the individual character of the wedding gift becomes. Simply fascinating what the sand painting artist iryna bilenka Chaplin can perform with the grains of sand.

Sand Painting Video of a Professional Sand Painting Artist!

You can also order a video of your story. This is a separate service, not connected to our live performances. It can be a wedding card or a wedding greeting and of course it can be a very individual wedding story of yours. Contact us and we will send you a customised offer. Keep the story of your love alive as a keepsake. Thanks to sand art, you can preserve your most unforgettable and romantic moments forever. And when your children ask, "Mom, Dad, how did you meet?" - You don't need to search for photo albums and strain your memory, because the most important things are already in your family sand film.

Sand video invitation for wedding

A sand video invitation for your wedding. Instead of traditional paper invitations, you can send out a "Sand Video Invitation" to your family and friends with the date and location of the event. Such a short sand video can be sent by eMail, WhatsApp, Viber or put on your website, posted on Facebook or instagram, which will add spice and originality to your wedding. An amazing, and most importantly, exclusive invitation is sure to delight your guests with its uniqueness!

From a sand painting love story video to a show-stopping performance for your special wedding from our sand painting artist, it's all on offer and the affordable prizes will help you making a decision.

A sand painting show is a story told by the hands of a sand painting artist. In a few moments you will see mesmerizing sand paintings appear on a large canvas. The pictures seem to flow and grow out of themselves to enchanting musical sounds. In sand painting, the images are ideologically and compositionally connected, with their own intrigue and resolution. A dream made of sand art is something no one expects.

All our shows are unique and tailored to your needs. Take a chance to show your guests this lovely delight. Professional performers Iryna and Alexander are eager to offer a stress-free show for your special day. They offer you a complete service that doesn't ask anything of you but your approval and enthusiasm.

Experience the romantic and unique sand art NOW. Enter the dream in her heart FOREVER.  Talk to us, tell us your wishes, - you will receive an individual offer!