The original bubble show for your exhibition / fair / opening

During a fascinating event show for unusual business events the world champion's team Iryna & Alexander

will lend a special aura to your party!

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Our soap bubble gala dress show "soap bubble rain" is an absolutele highlight-show insert for breathtaking and unique business celebrations!

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Get your guests a flawless entertainment and dive yourselves into a fantastic event show.

Experience how our world class soap bubble artists create impressive pieces of art made of soap bubbles.

Watch the fantastic show "soap bubble rain" performed by the professional event artists Iryna Chaplin and Alexander.

They will surprise your guests in your special event with many impressive tricks.

The original!

The gala show "soap bubble rain" delivers a brilliant performance with beguiling pieces of art made of soap bubbles.

We are the soap bubble- and world champion team Iryna & Alexander.

We offer you this exclusive and original event show which will lend a cheerful atmosphere for your celebration!

The "soap bubble rain" is a party for your eyes and a special highlight for every celebration.
Professional soap bubble artists invented this unusual show of the top class specially for your event!

Among the things that make Iryna’s performances so unique

  • Blind juggling. OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD 2007.
  • Simultaneous tap dancing and juggling of up to five clubs!
  • Combination of acting, dancing, and acrobatics.