Unique sand painting from the world champion


The fine sand turns under the hands of the sand-painting artist into fantastic fleeting dream images and stories, but their beauty is to be preserved in our memories. Let them take you into Thousandandone Tales, as they have been dreamed for by great poets of the Orient.

Experience the romantic and unique sand art NOW. Enter the dream in her heart FOREVER.

A sand show is not just 'sand drawings to music'. In addition to the beauty of each sand painting, the artist has to think about the transitions between the shots. The story has to develop sequentially, but without losing momentum. If an artist constantly erases the drawing and starts each frame from a completely blank sheet - that's an inexperienced artist. And, of course, an important factor in choosing a sand show is feedback!

How is a unique show created?

  • First, we will find out what you would like to say in a sand story
  • If necessary, we can send you a list of questions to help you compose your story
  • Once we get a response, we write a script and show it to you. You can make adjustments!
  • Next, it's time for the storyboard. We also send it in for approval.
  • Then select the music and create a soundtrack
  • Then there are rehearsals, and the artist has to work through and learn the programme

We have been in the market for over 20 years and have earned a reputation as a responsible, reliable and creative performer! We invite you to immerse yourself in an amazing spectacle - alternating sand pictures. Your bright event will be remembered for a long time.


Diverse motifs and flexible design

With its wealth of motifs and flexible design options of the sand-show, the sand painting suite best as a performance at infinity parties and event:

  • trade shows
  • weddings and galas
  • corporate events
  • private or business Christmas parties or New Year parties
    - there is a suitable variant of the sand-show for every opportunity.

Individual realization

Your choices are unlimited: names, logos, slogans, dates, birthday wishes and Christmas greetings, congratulations for newlyweds and your loved ones. Of course, all your personal messages can be included into the course of your own sand-show.

Our recommendation

We recommend that the history of the program, which bears the name "For you". The story revolves around love, images of life and the world really so wonderful, do we live in. With a romantic, lyrical music by Yann Tiersen and "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. In the program of the sand painting, for example your company's logo will be installed with perfection.

Sand Painting Video of a Professional Sand Painting Artist!

You can also order a video of your story. This is a separate service, not connected to our live performances. It can be a wedding card or a wedding greeting, your corporate, anniversary and birthday, Christmas or Silwester and of course it can be a very individual wedding or corporate story of yours. Contact us and we will send you a customised offer. Keep the story of your love alive as a keepsake. Thanks to sand art, you can preserve your most unforgettable and romantic moments forever.

What is included in our services?

Developing a sand animation plot based on your story and creating the story itself.

Selecting and mixing the music for the show. If you wish, we can integrate your favourite music into the story so that the story gets even closer to you.

Delivery and installation of all necessary equipment on site.

From a sand painting story video to a show-stopping performance for your special event from our sand painting artist, it's all on offer and the affordable prizes will help you making a decision.

We are the authors, creators and direct implementers of the Sand Show Programmes. By contacting us, you will not have to search for and match different contractors. All our shows are unique and tailored to your needs. Talk to us, tell us your wishes, - you will receive an individual offer.